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The world is an increasingly dangerous place. Even our local area where assaults, stabbings, shootings and other attacks on innocent people is demonstrably on the rise. Why just be concerned and not take the next step? Training is essential to surviving an unexpected, sudden attack. Our curriculum is taught world wide to allied foreign government and military units, law enforcement organizations and to concerned citizens just like you. We provide domestic seminars across the country on a routine basis. Your best resource is right here - why wouldn't you take advantage of that opportunity?


On alternating Friday evenings from 7-9:00PM Master Combatives Instructor, Black Belt Hall of Famer and world renowned combatives subject matter expert Kelly McCann and Michelle Ly teach the Kembativz Brand curriculum which includes unarmed combat, edged weapons, stickfighting, ground fighting and small arms. No experience is necessary to attend these awesome "purpose built" classes. You will rapidly acquire a true "self defense" skill set and confront challenging situations that test your skills in realistic street scenarios.  

The cost for attending the classes is $20 per session. You will need minimal equipment to get started: a mouthguard, groin protection and MMA gloves. If you decide this class is for you and continue to attend regularly you may decide to purchase other equipment useful in training. 

No additional steps are necessary. Follow our Instagram account (#renegadecombatsports) and our FaceBook page (Kembativz Brand) to see when the next session will be held. Drive over to Renengade Combat Sports Club. Park your vehicle. Open our door and join the class. It's that easy. You'll train with people like yourself who were compelled to finally do something to make themselves and the people they're responsible for, safer.

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